Cable installations

We specialize in cable installations. Based on our long experience and on specialized machinery and equipment as well as on our own proprietary equipment, we have together with our staff developed a market leading concept, for the benefit of our customers and for ourselves.

Our experience stretches from installations for broadband to high voltage installations and we have the resources to take large turnkey contracts. We take full responsibility for everything from the planing and design of a network to the final measurements and verification of the installation. In other words: When we are finished, the installation is totally completed and ready for use. This makes life easier and more convenient for our customers.

The actual method we use for a particular installation varies depending on the type of job and the prerequisites. We do however, always optimize our resources for the actual installation.

Excavation (incl Narrow trenching), chain trenching, cable plowing, micro trenching, guided boring etc. We adopt to the actual conditions on the installation site and our customers can trust the most advantageous resource has been used for every step in the installation.

We have BB3, ESA and Incert.